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Jonathan Rhodes nominated for UQ award for excellence in Leadership

Professor Jonathan Rhodes, leader of the sustainable landscapes group, has recently been nominated for a UQ award for excellence in Leadership. From the nomination page:

Jonathan Rhodes without a doubt deserves the UQ award for excellence in leadership for his contribution as the exemplary leader of the Sustainable Landscapes Group, and his leadership within the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science (CBCS), and the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (SEES). He is an incredibly supportive mentor to all of his students and colleagues, and very much takes an active part in the research that they carry out. He always makes himself available, which instils enthusiasm within his lab. All of this results in UQ-driven scientifically robust outcomes from a diverse group of enthusiastic individuals.

A link to the award page and other nominees can be found here:

Good luck Jonathan, and congrats on a very well-deserved nomination!

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